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“Good deeds are the ultimate customer service.”

—Jay Truitt, Owner, 20/20 Evolution Systems

here to build your system, not ours

Do you ever get the sense that audio dealers are trying to steer you in their direction? Unfortunately, they often are. At 20/20 Evolution, we are in business to serve our clients’ needs, not our own. Your satisfaction with your system is our end goal. We utilize our expertise to help you get there.


The PERFECT VISION for your custom audio/visual needs…
We specialize in integrating home theater, audio, and control systems into your lifestyle. Here, you’ll find the latest, best-performing products, backed up by our expert modifications, installation services, custom cabinetry, and design.

begin with the fundamentals

All great audio-visual systems are the result of following a logical path.
There are no mysteries here, just science. Start with good, clean power. Next, create a sonically conducive environment. Then, after readying your surroundings, add appropriate components to complete the ensemble.


Don’t settle for products; engage in partnerships and create synergies.
Your living space, tastes, preferences, and desires are unique. So, why fill your home with mere products? We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that all components of your system work together to form a greater whole.

2020 Absolute Sound Product of the Year!

Kharma Exquisite-Midi Loudspeaker

Full Review
We are proud to be one of the very few dealers to have these amazing speakers on display in our Washington, DC showroom!