Utilizing the Science of Sound


Just as source material determines the best that a performance can sound, your power source defines the performance limits of your system. If you have a poorly recorded CD, no set of speakers will make it sound like a good one. And if your home’s power is of poor quality, there are limits to how quiet your system can be.

At 20/20 Evolution Services, we bring our own engineering background into play for your benefit. We can assess the state of your current power source and correct for any deficiencies. The result is a sound, stable platform on which to build an A/V system that amplifies audio/visual signals, not noise.


In a typical A/V system, only 40% of the sound you hear comes to your ears directly from your speakers! The rest of the information reaches you via reflections of the original sound waves. The importance of room treatments, then, is vital to your system’s overall performance parameters: just as the source material sets limits as to how realistic a performance can sound, the conduciveness of your listening/viewing environment determines how realistic your A/V reproduction can be.

Preparing your space for maximum listening and viewing pleasure need not be intimidating. We have years of experience in creating sonically engineered environments that set the stage for a satisfying, enjoyable entertainment experience. A few well-placed treatments can make a remarkable difference in sound quality, paving the way for future upgrades or allowing your current system to sound its best.

Maximizing Resources

One of the most overlooked areas of system optimization, is maximizing the utility of your existing gear. You won’t hear this line of reasoning from many audio/visual dealers, but presumably you purchased your existing gear for a reason: you loved the sound! So, before you make a decision to scrap that classic amplifier or the pair of speakers that caught your ear, why not consider bringing them new life with the addition of modern componentry?

At 20/20, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in maximizing the performance of classic gear. While it’s true that your old CRT television will never match the stunning clarity of a modern 4k LED screen, and your old disc player cannot resolve the same detail as current high-resolution streamers can, amplification and speaker technology are another story. So, before you say goodbye to your beloved conrad-johnson pre-amp, or that set of Martin-Logan speakers that has served you so well, let’s meet and discuss how we might refresh these components, allowing you to allocate your budget in ways that better serve your ultimate goal: transcendent sound!

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20/20 Evolution Systems is not about selling you a set of components and sending you on your way. We are in the business of building: entertainment rooms, A/V systems, bespoke entertainment centers, custom installations. Whatever you can dream, we can build!

But we also build relationships, both with our clients and with our partners in the supply chain. We understand that the A/V business, like most, has become saturated with big box stores, online opportunists, and fly-by-night operators. And we don’t want a thing to do with any of it. We do business the old fashioned way, by listening to our clients’ desires and meeting those requirements while respecting your budget and your priorities, not forcing ours.

The final step in building your entertainment center, is the process of bringing in new components to fill out your system. In doing so, we work directly with manufacturers to assure that the pairings we create result in the best fit possible. And we’ll be there to follow through with you, as you grow into your new entertainment system. That’s how we have grown our our entertainment business, one satisfied customer at a time.

Please contact us today to see how 20/20 can help you realize your vision of the perfect entertainment experience!