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Capital Audio Fest 2021 Best of Show

Alan Taffel’s Best of Show

From Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound

“Kharma and Conrad-Johnson create an award-winning combination…local dealer 20/20 Evolution has put together a superb system anchored by the PoTY-winning Kharma Midi Equisite speakers ($85k). Evolution is driving them with a phalanx of flagship Conrad-Johnson tubed electronics. (I must say it’s nice to see C-J back in the game after having a lower profile of late.) The combination is phenomenal. Of course, I expect the Kharmas to strut their stuff; but the C-J gear prove equally tight, dynamic and resolute. Yet the system is unfailing[ly] musical no matter what I throw at it.”
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From Matthew Clott, Enjoy the Music

“20/20 Evolution proved that you don’t need huge speakers and mega amplifiers to fill a massive room. Using a pair of Kharma Midi Exquisites powered with some terrific Conrad Johnson gear.

The room demonstrated the level of refinement and micro resolution that Kharma is known to deliver, emotionally grabbing you even from the hallway and luring you in. The stage was palatial and the whole experience reminded my why these are one of my favorite speakers. Kharma is solidly back in the USA, and we should all rejoice. Of course, the supporting equipment contributed greatly to the overall spectacular performance. Awesome room Jay!
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From Eric Franklin Shook, Part Time Audiophile

“20/20 Evolution Systems of Potomac, Maryland was showing one of the most impressive sounding systems at Capital Audio Fest 2021, featuring brands from Conrad-Johnson, Kharma Elegance, Kuzma, Aurender, Lampizator, Truitt Physics, Kimber Kable, Torus Power, and Artesania Audio.

The Story

Instantly I was drawn to the Kharma Exquisite Midi floorstanding loudspeakers. They are a four-way design, that features one of the best resonance control cabinet designs in the industry. Using high-pressure laminate construction, the damping of the enclosure is so tight as to almost render any vibration or leakage from the driver backwave into the listening space.

Driver compliment features a 1-inch Diamond Concave Tweeter, a 7-inch Kharma Omega-7 Midrange driver, and two 8-inch Kevlar Nomex woofers. Rated at 90 db 1w/1m efficient, they still love power with a suggested RMS rating of 250 watts per side, with 500 watts at the peaks. Presenting a 4-Ohm load to amplifiers, and covering the frequency band from 23 Hz all the way up to 90 kHz. Amazing.

The concave Diamond tweeter is standard in the Kharma Exquisite Collection. The tweeters have a diamond cone which have been realised by CVD process. This process incredible stiffness is reached with a minimum of thickness of only 50 μm (within the range of a human hair). The cone is the most essential part of the tweeter and because this cone is made of Diamond the tweeter is capable to create impressively pure high frequencies.

Also showing was a Truitt Physics cable debut, but for more information on that product, contact 20/20 Evolutions Systems directly.

The Sound

I haven’t heard Conrad-Johnson like this in a long time, or possibly ever. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a system of this magnitude and detail, helmed by a gaggle of C-J tube gear. Can it do it? Hell yeah it can. This was easily one of the most impressively full-range, transparent, and clean sounding rooms at the show.

The Kharma speakers were definitely giving some of the brightest stars in the industry a run for their money in top-end elegance and control. Undoubtedly an ultra high-end sound. Probably as equally impressive was the relative affordability of all the sources used. As our own Grover Neville would say, “think of amps and speakers in one sphere, thinks of sources and preamplifiers in another sphere.” He’s right.” — Read More

The System


GAT Serist 2 LE Preamplifier – $26,500
ART300 LE Monoblock Amplifier – $39,000
TEA1 Series 3 Phono Preamplifier – $18,000
ART-27A LE Power Power Amplifier – $22,000

Kharma Elegance

DB7-S Loudspeakers – $31,250 pr
DB9-S Loudspeakers – $44,000 pr
Exquisite Midi – $94,000 pr


Stabi R Turntable (Rosewood) – Inquire for Price
4Point Tonearm w/ Silver-Gold Crystal Cables – $4,899
CAR-40 Phono Cartridge – $4,000


W20SE Music Server – $22,000


Baltic DAC – Inquire for Price

Truitt Physics

Prototype Cables Debut – Inquire for Price

Kimber Kable

Select – Inquire for Price

Torus Power

RM20 Series – $3,299

Artesania Audio

Tandem Rack – $18,000
PLATFORM KRION Stand – $4,600
AIRE FLOOR Platform Amp Stand – $4,400