Products + Partners

Our product lines represent more than mere suppliers; they are partners in our common purpose: to serve the needs and desires of our clients, you. We represent a range of brands, from industry giants to boutique international gems. In all cases, we recommend only lines which we ourselves use and enjoy, brands whose reputations sit on firm foundations of performance and reliability.


• enrich life through technology
• exciting top-class products
• world-leading technology


• exceptional servers
• exceptional musicality
• exceptional transparency

artnovion dealer washington dc


Artnovion is driven by passion: passion for acoustics; passion for performance; and passion for amazing customer experiences.


• founded more than 20 years ago
• acoustic anti-resonant treatment
• exceptional linearity and neutral sound

washington dc maryland virginia ATI amplifier dealer


• solutions to your every audio/video need
• unmatched dependability + stunning sound quality
• designed, engineered, and assembled in USA

Audio Control

• audio tools for people who love amazing sound
• a 35-year history of superb audio
• Making Good Sound Great™


• reference music servers and players
• for use with high performance DACs
• universally lauded by reviewers

bel canto

• Black
• BlackEX
• e.One


• high-end audio components of unsurpassed quality
• technological innovation and timeless design
• handmade in Germany for more than 40 years


• industry standard build quality, made in Virginia
• worldwide acclaim and reference system status
• defining the state of the art for 40+ years


ELEMENT redefines lighting at a fundamental level by creating lights as essential architectural components as well as decorative design elements.


• specialized techniques yield extremely low noise
• elegantly engineered power distribution
• pure transmission

graham tonearms

Graham Loudspeakers

Graham Audio is a family-owned British company based in Newton Abbot, a small market town in Devon, south-west England.


With each product, each detail, Kharma stretches the boundaries of high-end audio design. Like a piece of art that can evoke a special feeling, Kharma’s sound has to be experienced!


Kimber Kable

• world-class engineering, manufacturing, and materials
• Kimber’s mission: build great sounding a/v cables
• handcrafting cables since 1979


Kuzma products embody no-compromise designs. The resulting products are easy to use, reliable, and offer the highest quality of analog playback.



LampizatOr represents one of the finest values in high-end audio. Nothing LampizatOr makes is mass-produced and no product is off-the-shelf. Every job is a custom job.


Leon Loudspeakers

A group of artists, designers, engineers, and craftsmen who have been dedicated to producing the finest quality bench-made American audio for almost 20 years.


This expanded wireless total home control system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light, and temperature throughout your home.


This expanded wireless total home control system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light, and temperature throughout your home.

Merging Technologies

Merging Technologies has a formidable reputation in the recording and mastering world, the forefront of high-resolution digital audio recording for 25 years.

washington dc virginia maryland Moonriver Audio authorized dealer

Moonriver Audio

A combination of vintage and contemporary in audio reproduction, designed and hand-assembled in Sweden.
washington dc virginia maryland Siltech audio cables authorized dealer

Siltech Cables

Siltech’s superior metallurgy and innovative precision construction techniques underpin the exceptional sound of their designs.

Sony Premium Home

Sony takes the home entertainment experience to an entirely new level with their premium line of ES, XBR, and AR components.

T+A Audio Washington DC authorized dealer dark


• uncompromising absolute high-end audio
• superb amplifiers and music players
• all-in-one solutions for audio enthusiasts


taiko audio authorized dealer

Taiko Audio

• Dutch high-end audio laboratory
• founded by Emile Bok
• all about innovation

Torus Power

• provides high levels of instantaneous current
• dramatically improves all a/v systems
• toroidal isolation power transformers


• design solutions that preserve your space
• architecture, detail, and precision
• perfection in the smallest detail


Unequaled craftsmanship with countless hours spent on engineering, market research, and design to put your home theater in a class of its own.

Wisdom Audio

For 20+ years, Wisdom Audio has provided high-performance solutions for the most beautiful homes and super yachts in the world.

zesto audio authorized dealer washington dc

Zesto Audio

• for the ultimate audio connoisseur
• tubes bring warmth and harmonic tonality
• hearing is believing