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20/20 Evolution Systems + Truitt Physics

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Conrad Johnson And Kharma Elegance Loudspeakers


From Enjoy The Music

Cruisin’ ‘Round The Capital Audiofest 2023 — Show Report by Bob Grossman

The music was presented in a breathtaking ethereal realistic, natural, and dramatic way in the Conrad Johnson room with the $100,000 Kharma Elegance DB9-DE speakers. These special Diamond Edition speakers are limited to only 10 pairs being made with Truitt Physics capacitors, diamond tweeters, WBT connectors and silver wiring, silver midi crossovers, and midi wiring.

The 20/20 Evolution Systems dealership led by Jay Truitt set up a system using Siltech Cables with the CJ Art-88 preamplifier costing $28,500 along with his custom parts modified and changed Truitt Edition of the $52,000 CJ Art-108A amplifier now costing a premium custom bespoke designer price.

Also in this system was the LampizatOr Horizon DAC with Truitt Physics capacitors. The $14,000 Kuzma Stabi Ref 2 Turntable set up with the $10,600 4-point 11in Arm and the $7,500 CAR-50 phono cartridge sounded beautiful with the $28,000 Art-88 Phono Stage. I personally use the CJ 1990s vintage Premie 8A amplifiers at home and look forward to having Jay look at them to do some modifications with new tube sockets with his wire and custom cap designs