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“This is a long overdue review of 20/20 Evolution Systems. I moved into a condo five years ago, and the sound system was not well engineered and I had chronic problems with connectivity and sound quality of the TV and audio/music. Jay Truitt, the owner of 20/20, was brought in to help trouble shoot a problem by a mutual acquaintance. I ended up working directly with Jay to set up a great home system. This year, due to water damage to my condo, I had to start from scratch and decided to upgrade my system. Once again, 20/20 Evolution was the answer.
I am not a techie, don’t follow all the latest trends and products, and didn’t want to go to a big box store. What I did want was a system that is solidly good quality, will work reliably, and won’t be obsolete in a few years. 20/20 Evolution fit my needs perfectly. Jay did the homework, listened carefully and presented some good high quality options that were customized to my needs, and took care of ordering from the vendor and the home installation. I have a beautiful quality sound system now. And after things are installed and working, Jay is still available to answer questions. He’s meticulous and attentive, provides great customer service, and is truly expert in this field.
I highly, highly recommend 20/20 Evolution!”

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