Capital Audiofest, 2017

“20/20 Evolution Systems demmed a fancy shiny expensive system that sounded almost as good as it looked—which is to say—fantastic.”

Up front were my favorite Tidal loudspeakers, the Piano G2 Diacera ($39,900/pair), connected by Cardas Clear Beyond cables. There was a LampizatOr Golden Atlantic Dac ($10,530), an Aurender N10 music server ($8499), a Kuzma Stabi Reference 2 turntable ($10,720), with a 4Point tonearm ($6775), and a Kuzma CAR-50 cartridge. Amplification was the Conrad-Johnson GAT Series 2 preamplifier (Limited Edition $24,000), and C-J’s big, beautiful ART300 monoblock amplifiers (Limited Edition $38,000/pair).
—Herb Reichert, Stereophile

Thank you!

At 20/20, we have been creating the finest in custom home audio/video systems for more than a decade. This year, we were pleased to be a part of Capital Audiofest, which is quickly becoming one of the country’s premier audio trade shows. The response to our suite, from both the public and the audio press, was phenomenal. We worked very hard to put together a “best in show” system, featuring a complementary set of components from among the finest manufacturers in high-end audio.

Our partnership with conrad-johnson will continue on in 2018, first in the spring at AXPONA, in Chicago, and later in the fall, at Denver’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

We hope you will join us at both of these events; they really are unique and fun ways to survey the audio/visual landscape. They’re also great places to meet and interact with the finest manufacturers in the industry, as well as hundreds of your fellow audiophiles.

And, of course, we look forward to seeing you next year at Capital Audiofest!


Jay Truitt